Monday, April 13, 2009

Joel and George

These two boys do love one another! It is so lovely to see George's older brothers and sisters looking after him and playing with him. And he loves them all so much!

Today I had a bit of fun with textures again....


Had another quick play in between housework LOL! I'm having a cleaning marathon today but we all need a quick break now and again, don't we?

Here's George....he's not looking at the camera, but never mind ;0) He is saying new words now, like "this", and he can finally say "no" instead of "mo". He is so expressive with his face its so funny. He had his shoes on today and he wanted some other ones on which were too big. He took off the ones he had on, saying "no" and shaking his head, looking worried. Then he tried to put the huge shoes on. Then he decided they were not right, so again, shook his had, saying "no", and finally with great difficulty finally managed to put the original ones on again (on the wrong feet probably). He is also mad on cars at the moment, especially the one he got from granny and grandad which he even sleeps with.

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