Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Henry the amazing photographer on the new camera

Well, my wonderful husband managed to get me a new camera, and it is fantastic! Actually Henry took these photo's below, and I think he did a pretty good job. He is learning a lot of the technicalities and really enjoys learning how to be a good photographer. These photos were taken indoors at around iso 2500 if I remember rightly. This camera is GREAT for low light photography. These photo's have not received any photoshop treatment. They have only been cropped and re-sized for the web. These were also taken at a shallow depth of field (I think it was about f2.8) so considering that I think Henry did pretty well on his selective focusing.

George is looking rather forlorn here because he has been sick all last night and all day today. Poor little boy. So I have been doing my best to look after him.

Here are Henry's best ones...


~Carole Marie Farmen said...

The top image made me gasp - it's beautiful!

Emily said...

Oh wow. These are fantastic. I agree with Carole. The top on is amazing.

Andrée said...

Thank you ladies!

Timothy said...

Adorable pictures!! I too love to play with my new camera which got from Best Buy... Last week, I have taken some memorable pictures!!