Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hi again!


I've not posted in a while, life has been too busy! But it's all been good. It has been children's birthday season, and we had twenty nine children over for a party for Tamasin's birthday, and seventeen for Henry's. George also had his birthday and he made do with a small celebration at our parent and toddler group at church, Teeny Tots. Have also been super busy working with Adrian helping him with his book (proofreading marathon!). But the end is in sight, the deadline is in about a week and we are well on track. Praise God!

I just tried to widen the margins on the blog, by changing the html code. I wonder if it means that the photo's will be bigger...

Added note: Yay! After a few tries, it worked!
The next thing is to design a nice header and background and put those in..

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Elly said...

This is a very cool pic