Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two cute kids!

Joel has been doing very well at school.  He got his school report and got straight A's.  As an example of this, he told me the other day what he had been learning.  He said,  'do you know mum, that there are seven continents?  They're called planets.'  Hmmmm....!

And here is the lovely sleeping George.  His latest antics are climbing out of his cot, then wanting to be put back in so that he can climb back out, repeatedly!  He also loves to roam about the house destroying everything in sight, and climbing up to reach what is out of sight.  He can also now say 'bubbles' (as in bubblebath).  He still calls Tamasin 'mum' (as well as me)!  We are still trying to teach him to talk more, but he still prefers smiling and nodding.  He is very cute, and loves to give us cuddles.

We will all be very glad to see Adrian back tonight after his week away.  We've all been missing him, and it will be great to have him back again!