Tuesday, October 28, 2008

George has CHICKEN POX!

Well, I did wonder if he was coming down with something yesterday, as he was not quite his usual cheery self.  And sure enough, this morning, SPOTS!!!  Poor little boy!  We set him up on the sofa with LaLa, and his cup, and his little pillow and duvet, and although he kept getting up, he frequently went back to his little 'bed' on the sofa and languished whilst watching childrens TV.  He has been quite miserable but we have prayed for him and are hoping it won't get very much worse before it gets better.  

It's half term hols for our children, so I decided to try and work out how to use my lights which I have had sitting in the house for several months without me really having had the time to try them out properly.  Its a lot harder than I thought, especially as I am trying to do high key with only 2 lights and a reflector....  All the numbers and ratios etc, I really struggle to understand. Henry is being my right hand man, and is learning alongside me.  We have had lots of fun, although it has been VERY scary having George around because he is a little too interested in lights, light stands and cameras!

You will see two similar photo's of George.  One is an untouched photo of him in his full chicken pox glory  (such that it is on day one!), and the other is George with spots removed.  Don't look too closely it's not a perfect job.  Finally you can see George in his little bed where he has  been lying today.

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