Monday, September 29, 2008

Long time no blog!

It's been so long since I posted on my blog, and indeed so long since I spend time on my photography hobby.  Despite having thought that life would get less busy as the children grew older, I am finding that life is getting more busy!  It might have something to do with having a little 18month old boy....!  I am, however, glad to have things to fill my day because I have been in the position before when I was unable to do anything (when I was on bedrest during my pregnancy with George).  I can say that I prefer being able to do things than not.  I am actually not very good at resting and doing nothing LOL!  

Tamasin is now safely at secondary school, which she is really enjoying.  She is doing well with learning to take responsibility and be organised.  She has also taken on clarinet lessons.  She did well and got a merit for her grade 2 piano exam.  Henry got a merit for his grade 1 keyboard exam.  We have given her a desk area upstairs to do all her homework so that helps with not losing her books etc.  The other children obviously have gone up a year also, and seem to be happy with their new teachers.  Joel likes his new teacher because she looks very much like Martha from Dr Who!  

We have these big pictures in our lounge of the children which I took years ago and really need replacing, as well as the fact that George is noticeably absent.  So today I got some photo's ready and have sent them to the lab to be printed at 12' by 12".  I really hope they turn out well in print.  I am a bit nervous LOL!  Anyway, here they are.  They are probably already on the blog elsewhere, but I wanted to get five pictures that kind of went together as well.