Monday, June 30, 2008

The sun is STILL out....

....and five children are still enjoying the garden!  We have been having such lovely weather lately, and it has prompted me to get my camera out again and have a bit of fun!  I am currently concentrating on trying to get absolutely correct exposure and also trying to perfect my post processing technique. I find that if the exposure is off it is much harder to get the skin tones to look right.   I am going to go on some more training soon so hopefully that will help.  I spent literally about five minutes taking photo's.  My children are very longsuffering..... LOL!  You may notice that George is still covered in his sandwiches too...  Joel as usual is pulling his funny faces ;0)   The children have been enjoying playing cricket lately, and also football shooting into the goal. The trouble is they keep on losing their balls over fences and on the roof of our garden shelter.  Henry did ask me to get up on the roof of the shelter to retrieve several balls, but I am afraid I declined!

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