Sunday, June 15, 2008

making postcards!

I have been having some fun making postcard sized cards, starting with one for my dad for fathers day (the rabbit is there as a joke because they have pet rabbits and my dad really likes them). I had so much fun playing around making these!  We had a lovely afternoon in the garden today, it being a sunny day (horray!!). Having bought a petrol mower we are keeping up with mowing the lawn which makes the garden look so much nicer. The next job is to sort out our decking, which has all this peeling paint on it and it really needs cleaning, sanding etc, and repainting. If we have a week without rain, then hopefully we will be able to get that job done. We had a lovely afternoon and evening with granny and grandad and cousin Kai on Saturday, and thankfully we had really nice weather. There was a lot of activity going on, such as cricket and table tennis, football, and a game of bowling on the nintendo wii (granny won that one AGAIN!) We had a great time at church today, and somebody became a christian which was really fantastic!

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