Friday, May 30, 2008

Been busy this half term!

(Just a quick picture of the lovely George to start with..!)

Now onto the subject of todays post....

It is the last day of the children's half term holidays and we have been having lots of fun doing a spot of decorating. The main children who showed a lot of interest were Joel and Tamasin. They both loved stripping off the wallpaper from the toilet wall, using a scraper and a spray bottle full of water to wet down the wallpaper. Tamasin was the main design influence. She chose white walls with a few blue bits and bobs on a seaside theme. The room, although not professionally done looks far better than it did before so we are really happy. The other room which we have partly done is Adrian and my bedroom which involved painting one wall a lovely chocolate brown, and coordinating the rest of the room with the new color scheme. I was impressed with Tamasin's design ideas. She is on a roll now, and wants to do other rooms! We will have to wait a while for that though LOL!

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Anonymous said...

As beautiful as the blowing of the Holy Spirit.