Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All about George

I haven't blogged for a while. Life always seems very busy but I wanted to do another post as it has been a while. George is at last walking! He still crawls when he feels like it, and walks when he feels like it. He is very proud of himself, and if you say, 'stand up', he seems to understand and he stands up for you. He also likes playing a game where he throws balls at you and he wants you to throw them back. Another thing he does is putting things in things. I am now finding strange objects in strange places... He likes to put a lot of things inside the waste paper basket so I always have to check there! George is growing yet more teeth now, and is suffering a bit, poor boy, as he has about three coming up at once. His latest word is 'there' which he says really quite well (with the 'th'!). It one of his first words, apart from 'mumma', and 'annya' (meaning he wants something'). If you ask him where something is, if he is on form, he will say, 'there!'

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