Monday, April 21, 2008

Family day out

We recently all went out on a day trip to see Kensington Palace, where we saw a Princess Diana exhibition. I remember the day she died; it was when Tamasin was just a toddler. To see how she gave of herself for the encouragement of others was quite moving. No photography was allowed inside the palace, unfortunately. We had a great day in Central London, and went to a fantastic children's playground (see ship photo) which had a Peter Pan theme and was built in Diana's memory. Of course no trip to London would be complete without pigeons. There were a lot of pigeons, just sitting on the grass which we thought looked quite funny. The children also had fun chasing a poor swan. Honestly Joel!!!!! Don't worry the swan made it safely back to the lake.


poached salmon said...

Your photographs were amazing.What camera/lens did you use?


Adrian said...

Thank you! I use a canon 20d and the lens was a canon 50mm f 1.4, plus some post-processing in apple aperture 2.1
I looked at your blog and am very impressed with your photography and art!